TALIC Bayside – Outdoor Wall Mount System

Bayside Outdoor Wall Mount Storage System

for Kayak, Canoe, SUP, and Rowing Shells

The Bayside is a very robust outdoor storage system. The wall mount rack is capable of braving many years of weather and supporting kayaks up to 100 pounds. The brackets are built with 2″ wide webbing to gently cradle your boats and boards while they’re upside down and keeping things like rain and leaves from collecting inside them. Kayaks of any width fit comfortably on these brackets – sit-on-tops, recreational, touring, and canoes.

Some ideas on where you can mount them are; the outside on your garage wall, the posts on your patio deck, or my personal favorite, down next to the water on the posts of your dock!

Holds kayaks and boards of any width.

Holds canoes up to 40″ wide at the beam.

Boats can weigh up to 100 pounds.

2 inch wide webbing conforms to unique shapes.

Webbing will not tear, crack, or compress over time.

Made of Hardened Aluminum and Stainless Steel hardware.

Patent pending.

Made in the USA