The Original Lasso Lock for Tandem Recreational or Fishing Kayaks Security Lock

The Original Lasso (SLC1200)

For Tandems, Sit-On-Tops, Recreational and Fishing kayaks

The Lasso Advantage:

  • Galvanized steel aircraft cable is vinyl coated to 3/8'' thick.
  • Lasso security Cables have an easy to use, integrated combination lock that allows you choose what ever four digit code works best for you. The lock is covered in a high impact protective plastic that keeps  your vehicle and kayak from being scratched. The smaller vinyl coated cable and  lighter lock make the original Lasso supple and easy to work with. With Lasso protecting your kayak, would be thief's are likely to go looking for an easier target.
  • The Original Lasso kayak lock is smaller and lighter to carry and easy to store if you need to take it with you in your Kayak.
  • Easily set the combination to any 4-digit number you choose.
  • Both the the Original Lasso and the Kong Cable are designed to secure your entire kayak, not just a grab loop or other attachment and is a striking visual deterrent.


    • Weight 3.25 LBS
    • Galvanized steel aircraft cable vinyl coated to 3/8''
    • Overall length is roughly 16'
    • Loop size is approximately  55''
    • Tail length with lock is approximately  67''
    • Has re-settable combination code that you choose

Model #: SLC1200
Made in USA

Send would-be thieves looking for an easier target!