Gram 9100T 3 piece Carbon Greenland Paddle Soft Shoulder

Unlike other carbon Paddles, this Paddle does not get slippery when wet because of the special surface. The surface is not rough, no blisters, it just has high friction, like Gram wood Paddles. The handle is oval 31x36mm / 1,22 x 1,42″. The joint is shaped like a hexagonal tube, which is locked with a simple snap lock.

An extra piece of hexagonal pipe is supplied, so that the paddle can be changed to a Storm Paddle. Separated, the longest part is 94cm / 37″, . This means that many airlines allow the paddle in the cabin, as accessories, in line with an umbrella.*

215 cm (85 inch)
220 cm (86.6 inch) - MOST POPULAR
224 cm (88 inch)

Loom lengths
49 cm (19.3")
54 cm (21.25")
58 cm (22.8")

550-650 grams

*check with airline before carrying onboard