SKANA and Deck Slate COMBO


Get both the Deck Slate and the Sea Kayak Navigation Aid for a fantastic combo price

 Mount a set of Paddling Light designed kayak deck slates in front of your kayak's cockpit to make it easy to take notes while on the water. Very popular with UK and BCU paddlers the left slate design is dedicated to a tide chart and the right hand is empty for note taking.

Perfect for instructors.

Made from UV resistant, 3.5-mil, high-tack vinyl. Comes with a Listo Retractable Grease Pencil

Made in the USA

The Sea Kayak Navigation Aid (pronounced “SKANA”), designed by acclaimed BCU instructor Howard Jeff's has been designed to bridge the gap between professional “Chart Table” navigational instruments such as the Bretton Plotter & Dividers and / or the SILVA (Type 4) Mountaineering style compass used commonly by outdoor enthusiasts.

The Sea Kayaker frequently travels along the coast, requiring not only detailed land information that is usually found on Ordinance Survey maps, but also specific nautical information such as tidal streams, drying areas etc which will be found on marine charts.

The Sea Paddlers chart table is their spraydeck and foredeck, the rigidity of the Breton Plotter and the sharp points of the dividers are not practical here. However the base plate of many mountaineering compasses is frequently too short to draw out an extended course or measure distance quickly and easily. The ability to transfer from one scale (Kilometres) to another (Nautical Miles) is essential!

The SKANA addresses all these points in a simple, effective and robust manner. The base is made of a flexible clear plastic which copes with the undulations and flexibility of the cockpit area. The range of scales and specific dimensions of the instrument allow measurement of distance quickly and accurately. The Compass Rose and Bearing Cord allow angles and/or indented coastline to be measured with ease.

The clear plastic plate is made of UV stable material. The scales and markings etched into the plastic are scratch resistant and also made of UV resilient ink. Its flat profile allows storage under deck elastics and the additional lanyard reduces the possibility of loss.